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News From the World of Print

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7 Hard to Clean Surfaces Where Germs Hide in Your QSR/Fast Casual Restaurant

Germs and bacteria love to hide in hard to clean surfaces in your restaurant. What kinds of germs are lurking and what is the health risk to your customer?

Salmonella, cold and flu viruses, bacteria that causes staph infection and other unsavory bacteria are some of the most common germs you'll find in restaurants.

Feb 20 , 2017 | Tags: quick service restaurant

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How to Create an Effective Hanging Display

Hanging elements are a unique way to get noticed and help define a space. They draw attention to a retail sale or seasonal display, make a statement at a major event, or navigate your shoppers to efficiently find what they are looking for.

Feb 01 , 2017 | Tags: display, store decor, hanging display

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3 Ideas for Tabletop Graphics in QSR/Fast Casual Restaurants

Tabletop graphics can take many forms—from a simple logo wrapped on your table to a long-term promotional campaign message.

Jan 25 , 2017 | Tags: quick service restaurant

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