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News From the World of Print

There’s always something hot off the press at The Vomela Companies! Visit us here for the latest—whether it’s a story that impacts the print industry, brings value to our clients’ business, or highlights our most recent projects.

Retail Planning for Mother's and Father's Day

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day may not be until early summer, but January is the time to start planning a retail print campaign to get the most out of these consumer-heavy holidays. Here are a few things to consider:

Jan 09 , 2018 |

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Beautifying Minneapolis Neighborhoods with Wraps

Working in conjunction with the City of Minneapolis, The Vomela Companies have been fortunate to assist neighborhoods around the city with unique and fun beautification projects. We've wrapped dozens of utility boxes with vibrant graphics throughout Minneapolis to improve the aesthetic appeal of streets and street corners. We used specialized materials to take on challenges like frequent vandalism and Minnesota's extreme temperatures.

Top Print & Digital Marketing Trends for 2018

The line between digital marketing and traditional marketing blurs more everyday.  Whether done in the digital or physical space, marketing is still marketing. Our capabilities are advancing to the point where we don't need to be—and shouldn't be—talking in terms of digital vs. traditional marketing.

As creators for the visual world, we keep our eyes on marketing trends. It's been exciting to see how drastically marketing has changed over the last decade. Technology and media have changed parts of the game, but the fundamentals remain the same—strong visual design, quality storytelling, and an understanding of your buyer. Here we provide some insight into marketing trends for 2018 and how you can use print graphics and digital elements together to strengthen your brand.

1. Big Data & the customer journey

Dec 12 , 2017 | Tags: resources

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