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News From the World of Print

There’s always something hot off the press at The Vomela Companies! Visit us here for the latest—whether it’s a story that impacts the print industry, brings value to our clients’ business, or highlights our most recent projects.

Show-Stopping Graphics for Your Next Big Event

It’s a great feeling, the thrill of planning something new. Whether it’s a first annual event you hope to continue or a redesign project for last year's less-than-trendy graphics, Arts & Entertainment events require careful planning, design, and installation. From start to finish, here’s what you’ll need to get the job done for your next large event with new print graphics.

Choosing a Printer for Arts & Entertainment Graphics

In an Arts & Entertainment space, big events call for big graphics. To turn your ideas into reality, you’ll need to partner with a printer that has the capabilities to create graphics on a massive scale. Here are some tips to keep in mind when you’re searching for a printer who can do the job right on your timeline.

May 14 , 2019 | Tags: arts & entertainment

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Will It Wrap? Exploring City Wraps for Urban Zones

Bold, colorful, and larger-than-life, city wraps turn ordinary objects into works of art. Cities across the U.S. are adding wraps to water towers, recycling bins, floors, escalators, utility boxes, and many other urban objects.

Apr 17 , 2019 | Tags: cityscene, arts & entertainment

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