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News From the World of Print

There’s always something hot off the press at The Vomela Companies! Visit us here for the latest—whether it’s a story that impacts the print industry, brings value to our clients’ business, or highlights our most recent projects.

Building a Brand in a Day for Arts & Entertainment

Big events – and big spaces – call for a big spectacle.  Events of this size rely on eye-catching print graphics to transform ordinary spaces into extraordinary experiences for attendees and the community as a whole.

The challenge with putting on a large-scale Arts & Entertainment event isn’t just the amount of work; it’s also making sure that everything comes together at the same time. These events are a feat of coordination, hard work, and expertise. Here are some tips for building a memorable brand experience in a small amount of time:

Mar 12 , 2019 | Tags: arts & entertainment, branding

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Kid-Friendly Print Graphics for Schools

Every surface in a school is a learning opportunity. Whether it’s educational, informational, or just plain fun, schools can transform spaces to engage with their students in fun and productive ways. But as any teacher will tell you, kids can take a toll on their environments. Here are some unique ways to liven up your school that will stand the test of time.

The Importance of Branding in Higher Education

Bring your college or university brand to life with the right graphics and help drive engagement and school spirit. College and university brands are instrumental in increasing alumni contributions, local engagement, new student recruitment and sports attendance. Let's dive into the unique opportunities and importance of branding in higher education.

Jan 08 , 2019 | Tags: graphics, print, branding, education

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