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News From the World of Print

There’s always something hot off the press at The Vomela Companies! Visit us here for the latest—whether it’s a story that impacts the print industry, brings value to our clients’ business, or highlights our most recent projects.

Create Personalized Healthcare Campaigns Through Data

Reminders are one of the best ways to use your data and get patients in for their annual checkups and visits. Patients appreciate being alerted to health events like blood pressure checks, flu shots, diabetes screening, and informational sessions.

7 Facts to Know About Paper Folding for Commercial Printing

Paper can be folded many different ways, which allows you the flexibility to produce a printed piece that unfolds in your readers' hands just as you imagined it would.  Creative folding techniques can help you deliver a very strong message if used effectively. For your next commercial printing project, consider some of these folds. 

Printing Timelines: What to Expect with Large Printing Projects

You've submitted your order for new signage, and you can't wait to see what your commercial printer has created for you. But how long will it take for all of your promotional materials to be completed? What's a reasonable expectation for the wait? 

It's important for customers to understand the printer's timeline; large projects are naturally more time consuming, and if you have a good grasp of the many steps through which your POP and promotional materials travel, and the role you play in the production, you'll be better prepared for the length of time your project will take.