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News From the World of Print

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6 Ways to Personalize Direct Mail in Banking


65% of consumers say they have cut ties with a brand after one sub-par experience, so differentiating your business by personalizing direct mail could be beneficial to not only you, but your customer's experience as well. With the decrease in bank center visits, each interaction should be memorable for the customer, whether in person, online, or through the mail. Personalizing your marketing strategy will change the way your customers perceive your brand. Help your customers see their trips to the bank as more than just another errand to check off their to-do list.

Direct Mail for College Recruiting

In a time when the vast majority of incoming freshmen are in the “Gen Z” age range, colleges are faced with an interesting challenge: to capture the attention of the first generation that has never seen a world without the Internet.

Jan 29 , 2019 | Tags: print, direct mail, education, college

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Creating Wellness Campaigns with Print

One of the best ways to engage with new, existing or potential patients is through compelling direct mail campaigns and printed materials—from annual visit reminders to awareness campaigns for new services and locations. Your print wellness campaigns can include health related topics such as flu shots or diabetes screening, new physician announcements, information session invitations, donor programs and even employee recruiting programs.