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News From the World of Print

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Top Print & Digital Marketing Trends for 2018

The line between digital marketing and traditional marketing blurs more everyday.  Whether done in the digital or physical space, marketing is still marketing. Our capabilities are advancing to the point where we don't need to be—and shouldn't be—talking in terms of digital vs. traditional marketing.

As creators for the visual world, we keep our eyes on marketing trends. It's been exciting to see how drastically marketing has changed over the last decade. Technology and media have changed parts of the game, but the fundamentals remain the same—strong visual design, quality storytelling, and an understanding of your buyer. Here we provide some insight into marketing trends for 2018 and how you can use print graphics and digital elements together to strengthen your brand.

1. Big Data & the customer journey

Dec 12 , 2017 | Tags: resources

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White Ink: Creating Vibrant Print Opportunities

There's more to print graphics than meets the eye. Print professionals must account for an array of variables at every stage of the process; What type of substrate are we printing on? What print method are we using? How is it being mounted? What weather conditions must it withstand? The list goes on. Long story short, it's easy to take vibrant graphics for granted.

Sep 18 , 2017 | Tags: resources, Retail, store decor, QSR

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10 Key Steps for Creating a Successful Multichannel Campaign

Today’s consumer is picky. Between flashy banner ads, spam emails, and colorful billboards, they’ve become numb to traditional marketing efforts. This oversaturation of advertising has spawned a new school of thought in the marketing world. Sometimes called “content marketing” or “inbound marketing,” it focuses on providing value to only the most qualified and relevant consumers (and leaving everybody else alone). Multichannel marketing works off this same concept. Through a variety of different channels, this approach aims to deliver valuable content to the people who want to see it.

Sep 07 , 2017 | Tags: resources

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