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Retail Signage Checklist For Your 2018 Holiday Shopping Season

Last year, more than 174 million Americans shopped in-store or online during the busiest holiday weekend of the year, Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Sunday and Cyber Monday. Nearly 45% of holiday shoppers visited brick and mortar department stores, while 42% shopped online.

Enhance Year End Clearance Sales!

You’ve had a busy year, but even the most successful retailers end up with unsold merchandise after the post-holiday frenzy. How do you get these items off your hands? A year-end clearance sale is the answer!

But how do you turn your year end clearance sale into an event that’s not to be missed? Read on to learn how to enhance your year end clearance sale.

Aug 02 , 2018 | Tags: Retail

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Getting Ready for Holiday Shopping Season

Last year, Thanksgiving weekend shoppers surpassed expectations with more than 174 million Americans shopping in-store or online, the National Retail Federation reports. The biggest holiday weekend for retailers now includes Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Sunday, and Cyber Monday. Shoppers spent a record $5.03 billion online on Black Friday—up 17 percent from last year. Spending increased $2 billion on Cyber Monday as well, with consumers spending $6.59 billion.

May 22 , 2018 | Tags: Retail

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