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News From the World of Print

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6 Ways to Measure Performance of Your Brand Awareness Campaign

Brand awareness is one of the hardest things for any company to measure—it's a subjective, slippery concept. We know the importance of it, though. With increased brand awareness comes better brand recall, meaning people are more likely to recall your brand when it comes time to buy.

So why is it hard to measure? First, "brand awareness" can mean different things to different groups. A company should answer these questions before figuring out how to measure performance of a campaign:

Oct 23 , 2018 | Tags: tips

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5 Retail Design Tips To Capture Attention

While attention spans seem to be getting shorter, some argue that consumers are just getting more selective. From entertainment to shopping, we have more choices and visual stimuli in front of us than ever before. If we're bored or uninterested in something, we'll turn or click away more quickly. What can you do in the retail space to capture shoppers' attention? 

Oct 04 , 2018 | Tags: Retail, graphics, tips

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5 Ways You Can Keep Up Team Morale

Have you noticed low morale among your employees? It can be difficult to keep team members engaged each and every day of the week. You can't expect sunshine and rainbows every minute of the day, but there are plenty of ways to make work worth looking forward to. Here are some simple tips to keep up team morale. 

Dec 05 , 2017 | Tags: Retail, tips

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