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Engaging Young Patients Through Multichannel Campaigns

A personalized and targeted approach is just one way that hospitals and clinics are improving patient communication and outreach. That can be tricky when you're trying to engage younger patients; any personalized or targeted multichannel campaign must be directed towards parents and guardians, but there are ways to make sure your marketing materials are fun and kid-friendly so that you can make a lasting impression on young patients who will grow to make their own healthcare choices in the near future.

Multichannel marketing is about creating a consistent experience that ties together the physical and digital world, from environmental graphics to data-driven print and email campaigns. Here are  a few examples of how we have helped healthcare systems create smart, fun campaigns directed toward young patients.

C-Store: Easy-Install Graphics Systems and 3D Prototyping

Wayfinding signage can enhance or hinder the shopping experience for your customers. Clear, easy to read signage is ideal - but what about the store manager and employees who move those signs as product and display shelves get rearranged? An easy-install, flexible graphics system can make life better for both the employees and the customers.

We recently worked with Fruitful Yield on such a graphics system for their prototype store. It's a perfect example of beautiful signage that can easily be moved anywhere in the store. How did we do it?

Jul 25 , 2018 | Tags: c-store, print, graphics, wayfinding

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Engaging Patients Through Environmental Graphics in Healthcare Settings

A personalized and targeted approach is just one way that hospitals and clinics are improving patient communication and outreach. Once you’ve captured their attention and they walk through the door, how is that experience continued?

The right signage and interior decor create a welcoming environment for your patients and their families. It also inspires donors, vendors, and the wider community to engage with your space.